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Benefits of advertising with email marketing

Email was born in the 70s but still exists today. It even becomes a marketing tool and occupies an important position in every marketing strategy. According to statistics in 2020, the number of email users in the world reached 3.9 billion. It is expected that this number will increase to 4.3 billion by 2023. The power of email marketing is becoming more and more obvious.

  • Visual Communication
  • Drive conversions
  • Cost savings
  • High return on investment

Features of VietTop Email Marketing software

Simple, easy to use

  • VietTop Email is an application installed on Windows computers with Vietnamese interface. Usage is as simple as manipulating Gmail or Word documents. Therefore, Top’s email marketing software is suitable for all audiences, even for marketers who are just starting to do email marketing.
  • The editor supports full features: Edit fonts, insert images, attach document files…etc.
  • The template warehouse is available with a variety of email marketing templates in a variety of fields. In addition, Top Email software also supports importing templates designed from external sources in html, htm format.
  • You can actively set up the Brand Name to help increase the recognition of the ad unit.
  • Personalization marketing support. This feature helps to automatically insert the information corresponding to the recipient into the content. This is an important factor that increases email open rates in campaigns. Also very useful for customer care work.

Connect with reputable SMTP email marketing service providers

  • Top’s email marketing software uses servers that specialize in sending bulk emails around the world. Like Amazon, Sendgrid, Mailchimp, Mailgun….etc. These email marketing service providers are rated very reputable. These are the SMTPs that bring efficiency to reach Inbox up to 98%.
  • Fast sending speed and unlimited number of emails sent in a day.
  • No email address locked when using Top software.
  • Detailed report of metrics to help evaluate the performance of email marketing campaigns:

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