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If you are looking for expert software testing services, then you have found the right outsourcing partner. VIETTOP’s testing services provide our customers with scalable application maintenance, outsourced testing, software quality assurance services and support that accelerate time-to-market, reduce the cost of support and maintenance and improve the performance and usability of enterprise systems and applications.

VIETTOP has years of experience in providing expert software testing services specialized in the following:
  • Capability to provide both manual as well as test automation services
  • Ability to handle open source technologies as well as commercial tools
  • Expertise in using a wide range of tools for defect tracking, automation and test management
Software testing services offered at VIETTOP

VIETTOP provides its clients with both system testing as end-users and functionality testing. Our testers for hire can join your team right from the kick-off date and may either use your already built test cases or the test cases we develop ourselves.

Software testing process at VIETTOP

With VIETTOP, your request for software testing service is treated as an independent project which strictly follows all the quality management process and regulation. Software testing focuses primarily on evaluating or assessing product quality, which is realized through the following core practices:

  • Find and document defects in software quality
  • Offer advise on the perceived software quality
  • Validate and prove the assumptions made in design and requirement specifications through concrete demonstration
  • Validate that the software product works as designed
  • Validate that the requirements are implemented appropriately
Software testing levels

  • Independent stakeholder testing – Testing that is based on the needs and concerns of various stakeholders
  • Unit testing – focuses on verifying the smallest testable elements of the software
  • Integration testing – To ensure that the components in the implementation model operate properly when combined to execute a use case
  • System testing – Usually the target is the system’s end- to-end functioning elements
  • Acceptance testing – To verify that the software is ready and that it can be used by end users to perform those functions and tasks for which the software was built
Measures of quality assurance software testing

For successful Testing Services, VIETTOP always pays close attention to the key measures of a test: Coverage and Quality. Test Coverage is the measurement of testing completeness. It is based on the coverage of testing expressed by the coverage of test requirements and test cases or by the coverage of executed code. Test coverage includes requirements based coverage and code based coverage. Quality is a measure of the reliability, stability, and performance of the target-of-test (system or application-under-test). Quality is based on evaluating test results and analyzing change requests (defects) identified during testing.

Why outsourcing software testing services to VIETTOP

  • Certified and well-trained testers for hire
  • Services delivered within a quick turnaround time
  • Engineering approach to software testing
  • Team size can be increased based on customer’s requirement
  • Less hand holding and faster adaptability
  • Experienced QA professionals
VIETTOP – Your ideal software testing partner

By outsourcing software testing services to VIETTOP, your company can concentrate on your core business activities while leaving your software testing work to be handled by experts.

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