Testers and QA for hire

Quality assurance and software testing play a crucial role in ensuring the success of a software project. However, not all organizations have the expertise or resources to carry out the software testing process. And yet, software testing is definitely not the core activity of most organizations that require it.
Thus, outsourcing Testers and QA staffs from VIETTOP to take care of your quality assurance job will enable your company to concentrate on your core activities while software testing experts can handle the work efficiently, ensuring quality results. Your company will save time and money on a process that would otherwise be too tedious and exhausting if performed in house.

Our proficient and well-trained testers and QA team for hire are committed to providing the best QA and Testing services to our clients. With VIETTOP, you can be assured that your quality assurance job is taken care of by professionals. We help our clients worldwide to plan their test investments and manage critical testing processes to reduce the total cost of producing quality software.

VIETTOP has years of experience in providing expert software testing services to global customers. We specializes in providing both manual as well as test automation services; handling open source technologies as well as commercial tools. We are also reputed for the expertise in using a wide range of tools for defects tracking, automation and test management.

The software testing team at VIETTOP can help you with:

  • Performance testing
  • Test consulting services
  • Release testing
  • Test Automation – Functional testing of flash applications
  • Test automation – Installation testing
  • Test automation – Redstone’s eggplant tool
  • Assistance in migration from manual to automation testing
  • Assistance in migration to open source testing tools
Experts from VIETTOP are not freelancers; instead they are VIETTOP employees who will work only on your project. You pay for the work they do and that’s it! We’ll take care of their work stations, salary and related issues etc.

All our online Testers have extensive industry experience and are well-versed in many aspects of Testing. They are good communicators that have showed consistency in understanding client requirements and applying their technical, analytical and creative skills to come up with business-oriented solutions not just technological solutions.

When it comes to objective planning, VIETTOP Testers and QA staffs have always displayed excellent entrepreneurial skills and along with their real hands-on testing experience they have impacted many clients’ business bottom-line. They’re bright, energetic types who keep the organization growing.

VIETTOP provides Testers for hire who will work only on your project and complete the tasks in stipulated time. Hiring Testers on full-time basis is highly flexible as it can follow any development life cycle. You’ll be provided with a competent Project/QA manager on his side and your involvement is high. This ensures that your outsourcing venture is highly successful and meets all your business objectives.

With a big pool of talented and experienced Tester and QA team, VIETTOP is ready to share the confidence with our customers in terms of quality assurance. If you choose VIETTOP, you are worry-free!

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