Dedicated .NET Developers

Microsoft .NET is the technology that connects information, people, systems and devices. It connects a broad range of personal and business technologies, enabling the access of important information, anytime and anywhere it is needed. Built on XML web standards, .NET enables both current and new applications to connect with software and web application to the services across platforms, applications and programming languages.

ASP.NET is a preferred technology recommended by VIETTOP for web application or website development. It is also one of the domains that we have been most specializing in. We are experienced in the products related with ASP.NET, such as Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX, DevExpress Framework, SharePoint Server Applications, Silverlight, Telerik ASP.NET AJAX Controls, etc.

Our competency

As a professional software company, VIETTOP places very high requirement on the quality of system/architecture design, and attaches great importance to nurture the developers’ technical capabilities and talents. We hold great confidence in the success of every single project with fully competent and highly experienced .NET developers.

The foremost factor to be proud of is that our .Net development team possesses firm understanding with the technology. Apart from that, our programmers are experienced in wide-ranging cross industries: Airlines, banking, finance, retail, advertisement, etc.

In addition to the solid knowledge and practical competence in .NET development, they have also extracted valuable experience and enhanced their professional expertise in other technologies closely related such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from their previous projects.

Our coders know very well about various design patterns such as MVC, MVP, etc. Besides, they also have an insight into many protocols such as SOAP, REST, OAuth, etc. Especially, our developers are MS certified, which is a firm assurance for our clients who trust in our competence and services quality. We can develop both winform and webform, using C#, VC++ or VB.NET

VIETTOP understands that the service we provide is for the purpose of helping our clients solve their actual problems and bring more values. We also want the ASP.NET developers to gain a superior mastery of the latest technologies. We, thus, also requires them to be adept at understanding and analyzing requirements, excellent at inter-cultural and technical communication, prudential and highly responsible at work, ensuring that the outsourcing solutions and overall service we provide will achieve your expectations, meet your business needs, and beat your deadline.

In order to maximize our clients’ benefits, we have been committing ourselves to increase our productivity, shorten the development life-cycle, and reduce the cost of maintenance. Taking advantage of reusing already developed components is one of the most effective methods to achieve what we have been aiming at.

Our experience

All of VIETTOP ‘s ASP.NET developers have more than 3 years’ project experience in .NET development and have undertaken more than three ASP.NET projects including both public websites and enterprise web applications. Some of our core competencies in the field include:

  • Creating .NET system designs and developing applications
  • Development of Web and Desktop Applications
  • Migration of Web and Desktop Applications from and to .NET
  • Development of .NET custom controls
  • Development of Web Applications based on Web Services
We always work loyally and integrate ourselves closely with your team for best project achievements!

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